3D video animation 

of DNS stabilization strategies

  These original DNS animations demonstrate the ideal pattern of postural stabilization, functional joint centration, and the disturbances frequently seen in a clinical and sports practice. The physiological and pathological respiratory and postural function of the diaphragm in coordination with the other muscles of the integrated stabilization system are illustrated in an easy-to-understand animation. All animations include detailed commentary in English. These series of animations total 19 minutes, providing DNS students with the optimal and disrupted postural patterns, and may also serve as a useful tool to explain postural topics to patients and sports clients. 

Contains these videos

1. Postural Stabilization – Physiology

10 min video

2. Postural Stabilization – Pathology

8 min video

3. Clinical Assessment Acording to DNS concept

“Clinical assessment according to DNS concept” - 25 min video chapter combining original DNS animations with real patient videos

Look at the video sample:

Look at the video sample:



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