Course “D” in Prague 

September 16 - 21, 2013

The D class was a really nice experience! I was looking forward seeing the hospital, meeting with many passionate health care practitioners and being immerged in DNS practice. It gave me inspiration to apply this knowledge to a new level. The conferences on different subjects, from babies with developmental problems to chronic neurological disorders such as Parkinson were very interesting. The clinical documentation on gastro-oesophageal reflux was convincing and applying this knowledge helped my patients suffering from this condition. The practice of DNS was well taught and during the six days many physiotherapists were present to help us master the new exercises and clinical skills. The multiple demonstrations, thanks to the volunteering patients, were clinically relevant. For example, seeing the better muscle activation immediately after treatment on a high level athlete, witnessing better coordination on a woman with multiple sclerosis or seeing the smile with a few dance steps on a patient with Parkinson, all illustrated the quick results one can have with these treatments.

What I appreciate the most of DNS classes is that the knowledge makes sense and understanding the concepts leads to better treatment plan and faster results. It is a wonderful complement to my skills and knowledge as a chiropractor. We know that the nervous system evolved hand in hand with the complexity of movement.Understanding how to influence tone, flexibility, stabilization and alignment in complex movements allows us to help the brain express its potential. A person could want to live pain free, to function better in a disabling condition or to be her best at sports, but in any case, I think a heath care practitioner trained in DNS is a very important ally in the process.

I want to thank all the team from Prague School: they made us feel welcomed and generously offered their knowledge and manual skills with communicative enthusiasm, professionalism and kindness! 

Caroline Vinet, D.C., Canada

Another successful completion of DNS Course D, Prague Sep 16-21, 2013!

A total of 33clinicians from Denmark, UK, Australia, US, Hong Kong (any other countries) recently came together last month to the beautiful city Prague for the DNS Practitioner Course D. These clinicians who attended this practitioner certification course were licensed medical practitioners (osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors) had successfully completed and passed all A-C courses and at least 2 additional DNS related courses. The Prague faculty at Motol provided an excellent didactic and hands-on learning experience and each clinician came away with a deeper appreciation of DNS and its application to various musculoskeletal, neurological, pediatric and vestibular dysfunctions. The comraderie and friendships forged within this group of highly motivated clinicians made it an even more special and memorable experience.

We plan to host another Practitioner Course D in Sep 15- 20, 2014. This practitioner course is limited to licensed medical practitioners in the practice of medicine, osteopathy, chiropractic and physiotherapy who have completed and passed A-C courses and at least 2 additional DNS related courses. If you meet this criteria and are interested in applying for this D course, please contact the instructor of your original Course A for more information.

Clare Frank, DNS Certified Instructor, USA

The DNS D course 2013 was successfully run 6 days in mid September. Participants were invited and had to meet the following criteria:

 At least 5 DNS courses taken, and test A-C passed, also a minimum of 3 years experience with DNS was required. 

The course contained an update on advances in DNS by Pavel Kolar. Then workshops on refining tests and choosing exercises according to examination results, refining advanced positions in Reflex Locomotion Stimulation (eg. Finished flexion and hanging). The skills of the participants was also assessed during the interactive workshops.

Examination and handling of patients with neurological problems after a stroke or Parkinsons disease was part of the advanced very interactive learning – you were not just listening, but the instructor asked the participants to take part in the examination and we had to be creative since these patients are more demanding than most .

More on Viscero-somatic assessment and treatments was also workshopped. For the sports interested it was very nice with even more performance enhancement workshops, and exercises  for injury prevention.

Course D is always in Prague where all the skilled PT.s and their many interesting patients makes the teaching fantastic. We get to know where this patient was, what has been achieved by the DNS approach to date and what the plan for future treatment and exercises should be like – and you can add to this, if you are good!

Now it is just to do the written test D.

Jesper Andersen, DNS Certified Instructor, Denmark

"Being me a Prague School's Fan and having been so many times in Motol attending the courses, I have to say that every time I come I learn many things, every time new things... This time for the D course the experience was really amazing, testing again the effective of DNS concepts and the amazing skills of the PT and, of course, of Prof. Kolar and Dr. Alena Kobesova... Every time I attend these courses I bring back home new stuff, new ideas..

thanks Pavel and thanks Alena"

Giancarlo Russo, Italy

Visiting Prague and the Motol clinic solidified my understanding and appreciation of the DNS concepts. The ability to spend a week immersed in this work and surrounded by the exceptional Prague School physios was an invaluable experience.

Jason Brown, DC, USA



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