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Czech DNS instructors

Certified Czech DNS instructors

All Czech certified DNS instructors have at least five years of clinical experience studying from and working with Professor Pavel Kolar, becoming highly skilled in his techniques. They are all full-time, active staff members of the Rehabilitation Clinic, University Hospital Motol, 2nd Medical Faculty, Charles University in Prague, where Professor Kolar serves as the head of the Rehabilitation Clinic and also of the Physiotherapy School. The physiotherapists serve as instructors in rehabilitation to both medical and physiotherapy students at Charles University. Some instructors also currently work as full-time or part-time therapists in Professor Kolar’s Center of Movement Medicine. The instructors not only assist Prof. Kolar during his courses in Prague and abroad, but also serve as independent lead instructors of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization according to Kolar in DNS Courses world wide. 

In addition, they are involved in various research projects studying the clinical effect of DNS, becoming experts in DNS application in specific topics such as DNS assessment and treatment of neurological, orthopedic or pediatric clients; DNS application in sport, fitness and exercise; DNS to improve female’s health; application of DNS principles in mobilization and relaxation techniques; combining DNS concepts with Yoga principles; and DNS treatment for clients with viscero-somatic symptoms etc. 

All Czech certified DNS instructors involved in the international instruction program of DNS have earned Master’s degrees in Physiotherapy. They have studied extensively techniques according Karel Lewit, Vlladimir Janda, Vaclav Vojta,  Ludmila Mojzisova and other founders of the internationally renowned “Prague School of Manual Medicine & Rehabilitation”. 



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