Course “D” in Prague 

August 17 - 22, 2015

"I recently attending the DNS D-course in Prague. The was my second D-course and I can honestly say that I enjoyed it as much as the first. The hands-on training, skill work and intense one-on-one instruction you get from the PTs is incredible. Being able to ask the knowledgeable, experienced PTs is amazingly helpful and really brings your skills to the next level. DNS is a powerful and yet complex system. If anyone wants to sharpen their skills to become a better therapist, attending a D-course is perhaps the best way to accomplish this goal." 

R.Ulm, USA

"The week in Prague for part D was a great experience. It helped solidify and broaden my understanding of the DNS concepts and I feel I am a better clinician as a result.The PTs, Alena and Pavel were all fantastic as usual. I would highly recommend it."

Steffen Toates, UK



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