These DNS pediatric courses are based on neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, muscle physiology and kinesiology with an emphasis on diagnostics. These courses are limited to licensed health professionals (MD, DO, PT, DC, OT). In addition, the organizer reserves the right to limit the audience to certain groups of professionals. Please check with the organizer.. 

The following are the criteria to become Certified DNS Pediatric Practitioner:

  • Complete DNS Pediatric courses I, II and III and pass DNS Pediatric tests I, II and III. If a student already completed DNS courses A and B and passed the corresponding A and B tests, they only need to complete DNS Pediatric courses II and III and pass the corresponding tests (the test for DNS Pediatric course I is not required as the same material is covered in DNS courses A and B)
  • Three years of DNS practice is required from the time of the practitioner's first DNS course
  • The practitioner is eligible to register for DNS D course in Prague once he/she completed a total of 5 DNS courses (DNS Pediatric courses I, II and III + any other 2 DNS courses or, DNS A and B, DNS Pediatric course II and III + one additional DNS course of any kind).
  • Passing DNS practical pediatric test and successfully passing written DNS course D test will earn a student diploma as a Certified DNS Pediatric Practitioner.

3 x 4 day course (72 contact hours) 



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DNS Pediatric Courses 

for Medical Professionals