Ryu Kawajiri was born and raised in Japan until he moved to the United States in 1999 to study sports medicine. He received his undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology in 2005 from San Diego State University (SDSU). Prior to his graduation from SDSU he became certified as an Athletic Trainer by passing National Athletic Trainers Association’s (NATA) examination in April of the same year. 

Ryu opened Body Craft; an integrative holistic health clinic in San Diego, California. This clinic offers individualized treatment based on integrated approaches which include micro-current therapy, rehabilitation, and nutrition. Noting there was limitation to the breadth of his practice he entered the acupuncture degree program at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. In 2012, he was awarded his acupuncture degree and became a California certified acupuncturist. 

In 2013, Ryu continued to expand his clinical knowledge and as well as his clinic. As a result, he moved into a larger clinical space that housed a training gym that allowed advanced personal training for athletes and integrative rehabilitation for patients. As a result, he has expanded his scope of practice which has allowed Ryu to provide integrative medical care to patients with a diverse range of medical and orthopedic conditions. 

Ryu continues to draw his knowledge from many medically oriented disciplines, evidence based medicine, and holistic concepts of health. Over the last ten years, Ryu has developed the basis of his clinical application; one that is rooted in the understanding the human being from an ecological perspective. This explanatory model’s cornerstones regard the influence of the internal (inside the body) and external (outside the body) environments on the development of imbalances in the human being. From this standpoint, Ryu has achieved great specificity in the treatment of many orthopedic conditions by applying principles and assessment of DNS. The application of the principle in his practice has led him to be considered a leading clinical pioneer in integrative medicine. 

Ryu Kawajiri, ATC, LAc

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