Lim Yi Lin

Lim Yi Lin is a Malaysian who aspired to be a physiotherapist since she was 16.She obtained her degree in Applied Rehabilitation  (Physioterapy) from the University of Teesside. She began her career path in one of the largest teaching hospitals in Malaysia (Universiti Malaya Medical Centre) as a physiotherapist for a wide variety of conditions ranging from musculoskeletal to neurological patients of all ages. However, after 5 years, she began to focus her clinical skills and development towards paediatrics and women's health. She also helped set up the Women's Health physiotherapy services in a private hospital(Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur) in her tenure there. With her team in Gleneagles, she organised the 1st DNS course in Malaysia in 2010. Since then, she has been using the DNS approach dominantly in her practice and has attended  DNS Women's Health ,Scoliosis , Foot dysfunction,Geriatric and GERD courses. In 2011,she founded her own physiotherapy practice in Malaysia(MyPhysio FiCoMo Specialist Centre) which birthed the first 3 fully certified DNS practitioners in ASEAN. Her area of interest of her past 22  working years  is in the speciality of Women's Health whereby she strongly advocates a functional approach of the DNS underlaid with the Bio-Psychosocial Model in her treatment and prevention strategies. She continues to advocate a perspective of Movement Specialization in physiotherapy practice and founded the Tesseract Centre as a training and research platform. This focussed to further develop the integration of the DNS with a Bio-psychosocial and Leadership model for Movement Care, Movement Performance and Movement Intelligence in the ASEAN region. 

Currently she practices in her clinics and teaches seminars on functional approaches underlaid with a Bio-psychosocial emphasis all over ASEAN. She is also actively initiating research in  DNS and associated functional approaches for the ASEAN population group.

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