Dr. Robert Newhalfen

Dr. Robert Newhalfen graduated in 2010 from National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.  

He is currently the owner of Motus Integrative Health, a multidisciplinary group of clinics that combines chiropractic, physical therapy, massage and medical care. He has clinics located in the Chicago suburbs known as NW Indiana, in the towns of Schererville, Crown Point and Griffith.

Dr. Newhalfen and his clinics treat a wide array of patients ranging from infants and children with asymmetry, neurological conditions and other disturbances to elderly patients with pain looking to improve the quality of their life. Dr. Newhalfen himself actively treats patients of all ages and skill levels including many elite level youth athletes, Professional Powerlifters and Bodybuilders, Olympic level gymnasts and more.

Dr. Newhalfen was first introduced to DNS concepts in 2010 as a student at NUHS.  He was successfully treated for an inguinal hernia in 2012 using the principles of DNS and has been all in on DNS ever since. Dr. Newhalfen was certified as a DNS Exercise Trainer (DNSET) in 2016, a DNS Practitioner (DNSP) in 2017, a DNS Pediatric Practitioner (DNSPP) in 2020 and as a DNS Instructor in 2023.

Dr. Newhalfen has been hosting courses since 2017 through his company Motus Education.  He also regularly attends many types of courses to continue learning and growing. Dr. Newhalfen is deeply passionate about DNS and how it can help people live the highest quality of life possible. He is especially excited about how DNS can help children optimize their growth and development to be the highest functioning adults they can be.

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