Clinical Rehabilitation Textbook

Pavel Kolar - main editor

This is a comprehensive rehabilitation textbook emphasizing a functional approach based on the foundation of the Prague School of Rehabilitation, which was developed by Professors Vojta, Janda, Lewit and others. The publication is divided into two sections, general rehabilitation and special areas of interest. The diagnostic sectiondescribes in detail the clinical evaluation approaches for the musculoskeletal system, testing and assessmentof motor and sensory involvement, limitations in the activities of daily also explored. The text includes psychological assessment in rehabilitation of patients suffering from chronic pain conditions, functional laboratory assessments and functional assessment using imaging methods. In the general section of the therapeutic approaches, the authors focus on treatment and rehabilitation of the motor system and also focus on disorders of other organ systems. The special section of the book includes rehabilitation of individual clinical specialties, in which functional rehabilitation plays an important part. The individual chapters include rehabilitation in neurology, orthopaedics, internal diseases, gynaecology, oncology, psychiatry, pain and psychosomatic conditions. 


  This book is unique in its presentation of human development and the options for its implementation into diagnostic and therapeutic approaches of the movement system. A chapter is also devoted to the original diagnostic-therapeutic approach of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization according to Professor Pavel Kolar, the main editor of the book

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photographs of pediatric ontogenetic development

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