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You can have your DNS library with you at all times!

Available for free download at:

 or search for "dns rehab"

   The application enables clients of the Prague School of Rehabilitation and fans of DNS to have all the videos, books and brochures produced by the Prague School of Rehabilitation all in one, convenient location.  Versions of the application are available on phones, tables and desktop computers whether they use iOS (Apple) or Android (Goggle) operating systems. There is also a web version for personal computers.

   You will connect to all of your devices using one name and password, which you will receive once you subscribe to the On-Line Video Library, or after purchasing an electronic product such as DNS Fit Kid Exercise Journal, Clinical Rehabilitation Textbook or DNS Self-Treatment.

And do not worry if you don't have consistent access to the internet.  All written content (books and brochures), as well as some selected videos, can be downloaded from the app for offline viewing.

The users of the application are regularly informed about all Prague School news, including the regularly updated DNS course schedule, new products, as well as future offers. 

For those clients who have purchased our book or brochure as an epub via AppleBook or GooglePlay, please send us some proof of purchase (account, invoice) or at least a screenshot from an account or application on Apple or Google where there is proof of purchase. Then we will add the e-pub to your DNS application so that you have everything in one place. Please, send receipts to: info@rehabps.com

Using a single account, you can review online a list of all DNS courses you have taken. You will also be able to download updated course presentations, course programs, electronic versions of certificates and payment documents (invoices).

More information :

With this application, users may purchase digital access to the entire ClinicalRehabilitation textbook, as well as all DNS brochures, and even the OnlineVideo Library, which includes a multitude of animations, exercises, andpracticaltechniques.

The application also utilizes a useful “search” function, which

allowsusers to quickly locate specific written or video content, as well as a “zoom” function,which allows users to zoom in close on any page or picture to easilyidentifyevery detail provided.

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The license is for personal use only. It can be used on your devices, but only for one user.

You can connect two mobile devices (Tablet+ Phone) and two computers at the same time.

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