DNS for Patients

A practical guide instructing patients in layman’s terms how to perform exercises according to the DNS concept. Self-treatment examples

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1.General structured guide for patients: This 66-minute video uses simple explanations to illustrate the basic principles of proper trunk stabilization. In a step-by-step manner, the DNS instructor clearly demonstrates and explains how to properly achieve optimal core stabilization and how to establish appropriate postures to begin each exercise.  A special emphasis is placed on optimal respiratory stereotype training.  Tips on how to recognize the most common exercise errors are described in detail. Exercises in basic development positions and their numerous modifications are explained and demonstrated from a variety of postures that include lying on your back, lying on your stomach, “hands and knees” position, bear, and squatting, as well as several variants of sitting, tripod, and high kneeling.. 

2-5. Exercise sets for patients - four sets, each lasting 15-20 minutes, give specific instructions on combining individual exercises into flow series. From the first to the fourth set, the difficulty of the exercise gradually increases. Veronika, your DNS instructor, guides you through the exercises describing the most common mistakes and demonstrates how to correct them.  She also teaches how to check the quality of the exercise continually.

  The system allows therapists to select specific exercise positions to recommend to their patients.  The therapist can send a link for the chosen exercise positions to the patient by e-mail.

  The videos are helpful for patients with back pain who want to be able to perform self-treatment.  These exercise videos are valuable to all therapists and trainers who use DNS and want to prescribe specific home exercises or for anyone who wants to use exercise for back pain prevention.



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Dr. Lana Gasparin and Veronika Cmolikova, PT



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